Monday 4 March 2013

Make a Statement with your Boardroom

Office Furniture Box

Ask yourself: where do you and your visitors have your most productive discussions? Your boardroom is almost certainly going to be where all the big decisions are made, so it's essential that it sends the right message. There is a huge selection of variables to choose from when setting up your conference room, from the base of your meeting table right through to the shape and finish of the table top and the chairs to match - so you need to make sure you make the right choices to suit your business. 

beech boardroom table cantilever chairsThe table will often be the biggest statement in your board room, so you need to make sure it reflects the image you want to portray. Every element of your conference table will be sending a message to your guests, so we offer plenty of choice from the base upwards. You can choose from the sturdy panel or arrowhead bases, or the more stylishly designed pedestal or four leg bases depending on how you want your business to be portrayed. You can also choose the style of your finish, whether you want the popular MFC (melamine faced chipboard) finishes, or the more executive real wood veneer styles. Veneer meeting tables are a great way of signalling your intentions to clients in your board room - they are all hand matched to guarantee a perfect finish and they add a real touch of class to any workspace.  
glass high gloss boardroom table

Once you've got a table that really sets your conference room apart, you need to get some seating that will help everyone to feel at home. Cantilever and meeting/conference chairs will not only add comfort to your board room, but also provides you with a great opportunity for further customising to reflect your business. With hundreds of different fabrics and colourways to choose from, a lot of businesses will use their chairs to create extra character and vibrancy in their meeting room.

large boardroom table cable managementAs if all of these options weren't enough, we can also offer you the opportunity to put all of them together as one of Office Furniture Box's famous package deals - so why not get a boardroom that suits your every need, and save yourself some money in the process!


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