Thursday 28 March 2013

Educational Furniture

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education furniture

If you cast your mind back to your days in education, one memory that might not be quite as fond as the rest is the classroom furniture you were subjected to. I'm sure the majority of us will recall wobbly tables with graffiti on the top and more than just a little bit of gum on the bottom, or uncomfortable plastic chairs with a screw or two loose. Although that doesn't necessarily have to be the case anymore - we have a fantastic range of education furniture for all ages and budgets. 

education furniture
Stackable Classroom Tables
From classroom to canteen to exam hall to ICT suite, we have tables to meet the needs of the most demanding learning environment. Our stackable classroom tables are flexible for use in any configuration, and are easily stored to save space. They are hardwearing and practical, but we all know how these things have a habit of being knocked around, so they are priced to allow you to keep them fresh and up to date: classrooms no longer need to be associated with the run down furniture that it once was!

screen box
Screenbox Desks are Perfect for Flexible Computer Use

A more modern design that is becoming increasingly popular is ideal for encouraging flexible computer use in ICT suites. The 'Screenbox' features an integral unit to securely store computer equipment when it's not in use - this creates a clear worktop for other types of work, and When the equipment is needed, the table can flip to expose the computers. This has a range of advantages: it saves space in classrooms where both paper and computer based work is needed, provides a secure and lockable place to store computer equipment and we don't think it looks too bad either! 
classroom chair
The Titan Classroom Chair

Our range of education seating has also proven very popular - with sizes to suit ages ranging from six years through to adult, we have something for everyone. People always seem surprised by the comfort and durability of our classroom chairs. They are not only well priced, but they often carry a lengthy warranty to guarantee their quality. Our most popular educational chair is the 'Titan', which is ergonomically designed to encourage a good posture for children. 

classroom storage

We're also able to provide increased discount on large orders of educational furniture. As a part of our 'package deals' promotion, we can offer increased discounts for bulk orders of education furniture. All you have to do is give us a call to let us know what you're after, and one of our friendly sales team will work out our best possible price for you - and don't forget that tailgate delivery is always free!

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Social Media and Connecting with Customers

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In the technological age that we find ourselves in, customer interaction has never been more important for a business. With the huge advancements in social media in recent years, the speed at which information travels the globe is truly astounding - and this can go one of two ways for a business. With the development of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (to name but a few), it's never been easier for a company to interact with their customers. Equally however, it's also never been easier for customers to pass judgement on a company - or in a more public domain. 

Take Twitter as an example: one damning review from a famous or influential Tweeter can drive thousands of potential customers away from a business, or even a whole industry. Whereas by contrast, a glowing evaluation can be used as a free advert to the millions of followers that some Twitter users have amassed. The marketing potential of these platforms are undeniable, yet many businesses continue to underestimate the power of their customers and the impact that they can have on global communities.  

The ease of communication also provides a business with the opportunity to interact with customers on a much grander scale. A Facebook update can reach everyone who 'Likes' your brand, whilst subsequent 'Shares' can then lead to millions of potential customers engaging with and endorsing your marketing without even realising it. It's becoming so easy to reach consumers that many companies take it for granted and don't necessarily take much time over the messages they're sending out, which can lead to clogged up news feeds and negative reviews. 

An essential element of advertising through social media is the ability to listen to customers. It's easy to forget that these platforms allow for two way communications, and taking customer feedback on board is a crucial part of developing a successful campaign. 


At we like to use social media to promote our latest styles, offers and blogs. Like any campaign, each post will see varying degrees of success, but we always try to make sure that we give our customers every opportunity to interact with us and provide feedback. This helps us to constantly improve the customer experience, and we can get a lot of fun out of chatting away with customers!

Monday 18 March 2013

Office Furniture Installations

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office furniture delivery
Free tailgate delivery
Office Furniture Box offers a free tailgate delivery to any address on the UK mainland, with no hidden costs or last minute charges. We offer this service because we want to be as up front with our customers as possible, although we also appreciate that the nature of office furniture means that some orders will need a bit more than just a tailgate delivery. 

Office furniture installation
Installations from Officefurniturebox
white desks storage
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If you're buying dozens of desks, chairs, screens and storage etc. to fit out an entire office, chances are you're going to want someone to install them for you. We have a dedicated team of experienced, friendly and helpful fitters who are more than happy to help. We don't advertise any prices for installations - because every case is unique, and by treating every scenario individually we're able to keep the prices sensible, even offering it for free in many cases. All you have to do is let us know what products you want, give us the details of the site you're developing and we'll organise a quotation for you.

reception large curve
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Even if you're not looking to buy too many things, some office furniture products are heavy and difficult to manoeuvre, so you might want some help to get them in situ. This generally applies to things like boardroom tables, veneer or glass desks, large storage units and receptions. Whereas a tailgate delivery is ideal for chairs or a desk, you might find yourself reluctant to haul a large bookcase into place in your office, so our fitters can help you out. 
So, what do you get in an installation? Well...
  • Our installations team will arrive at a time that suits you...
  • Take everything into place in your office...
  • Assemble anything that's been flat packed for transport..
  • Position and level them according to your plans...
  • large boardroom table cable management
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  • And remove and recycle all packaging.
Customers are always delighted with the service they receive from our installations team, and it's something that we pride ourselves on getting right every time - so if you need to order anything with an installation then all you need to do is let us know!

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Office Chair Ergonomics

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back support office chair
Back support office chairs
There are several important aspects of your office that you need to consider, but your chair is without doubt the most important. The hours that you spend sat at your desk can lead to discomfort and back pain if you don't have the right sort of chair for your back. The correct chair will support your back for long term use, can promote a good posture and really help you to enjoy being in your office (as much as possible at least!).

Cheaper office chairs are often manufactured to replicate the image of higher quality chairs, but they lack the support that you need when using a chair regularly. For example, the foam used for padding cheaper chairs is often too soft to stay comfortable during longer usage, and it will wear out much quicker. This reduces the life-cycle of the chairs, so in the long term they often become more expensive. The quality of a chair is often discernible by the guarantee it carries, so these are always worth looking into.

high back support chair
Ergonomically styled
This isn't to say that you have to fork out a fortune for a quality office chair however - there are plenty of really good ranges that are available at different price points. A well designed chair will be ergonomically shaped for maximum back support and have lots of adjustable options to suit every user individually.

two fabric office chair
Adjustable arms for flexible support
A selection of additional features are also often available to help you to further customise your chair, such as adjustable lumbar support and seat slides to increase the flexibility and comfort. These are perfect solutions to the common problem of maintaining support for users of varying body shapes and sizes, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, well fitting and supportive office chair.

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Glass Desks - Some of our Favourites!

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One of the styles that people ask us about the most also happens to be one of our favourites - glass desks. There are some really beautiful glass designs out there, and we have tried really hard to make sure we work with the best designers.

Glass executive desks
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Glass has become increasingly popular recently for numerous reasons, most notably the way it creates a more open and light office space. If you're stuck for room then any area can be made to feel more spacious by changing your desk for a glass one. The development of new manufacturing techniques have also been challenging the traditional stigma that glass designs have to be a bit boring. This means that more interesting designs can be made a lot cheaper than was ever previously possible, so the shapes and curves that are now available in glass are proving to be very popular. 

Executive desks glass top
One recent trend that we find especially interesting is the increasing popularity of coloured glass. More specifically -  black glass designs have been in very high demand. We have put this down to the really nice contrast that this style creates - with the shine that comes from the glass (as long as you keep it clean!) and the darkness of the finish. To create a balance between the contemporary glass finishes and a traditional finish, we're also getting a lot of enquiries about coloured glass tops on an MFC or veneered base. This style does a wonderful job of making the modern glass designs feel more traditional, which has made it a very popular option with our customers. 

glass coffee table
glass boardroom tables
The use of glass doesn't have to be limited to executive desking however, as we're all aware of the impact that a board room table can have on your business (and if you're not, just take a look at our previous blog!). A glass conference table can really bring your space to life and inspire some great ideas: they really leave a lasting impression! 

Monday 4 March 2013

Make a Statement with your Boardroom

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Ask yourself: where do you and your visitors have your most productive discussions? Your boardroom is almost certainly going to be where all the big decisions are made, so it's essential that it sends the right message. There is a huge selection of variables to choose from when setting up your conference room, from the base of your meeting table right through to the shape and finish of the table top and the chairs to match - so you need to make sure you make the right choices to suit your business. 

beech boardroom table cantilever chairsThe table will often be the biggest statement in your board room, so you need to make sure it reflects the image you want to portray. Every element of your conference table will be sending a message to your guests, so we offer plenty of choice from the base upwards. You can choose from the sturdy panel or arrowhead bases, or the more stylishly designed pedestal or four leg bases depending on how you want your business to be portrayed. You can also choose the style of your finish, whether you want the popular MFC (melamine faced chipboard) finishes, or the more executive real wood veneer styles. Veneer meeting tables are a great way of signalling your intentions to clients in your board room - they are all hand matched to guarantee a perfect finish and they add a real touch of class to any workspace.  
glass high gloss boardroom table

Once you've got a table that really sets your conference room apart, you need to get some seating that will help everyone to feel at home. Cantilever and meeting/conference chairs will not only add comfort to your board room, but also provides you with a great opportunity for further customising to reflect your business. With hundreds of different fabrics and colourways to choose from, a lot of businesses will use their chairs to create extra character and vibrancy in their meeting room.

large boardroom table cable managementAs if all of these options weren't enough, we can also offer you the opportunity to put all of them together as one of Office Furniture Box's famous package deals - so why not get a boardroom that suits your every need, and save yourself some money in the process!