Tuesday 3 June 2014

Latest Products and Offers

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We're constantly looking to innovate our product ranges to make sure we have the best offerings around - and always at highly competitive prices too. We're always very careful to make sure that any new product ranges are specially tested and only selected if they meet our high standards. It's also imperative that we maintain a good balance of various price points across the site to ensure that we can always cater for everybody, no matter what the budget or requirements.

A couple of our latest ranges and deals are below - so take a look through and let us know what you think!

Solar Package Deal
Office Furniture Box Solar Icarus BT Office
4 person Solar package
The Solar range is the latest of our stock options. It has a white MFC finish, and the desks feature a silver four leg frame. A four person cluster - featuring screens, storage and seating too - is on special offer for under £1000 +VAT. This comes with our standard free delivery, and is available in around a week from ordering.
Matching storage and meeting furniture are also available to compliment the range. As with all of our package deals, if you need any amendments making then please just let us know.

Float Reception
GMFL Float reception office furniture box
Float reception with contrasting finishes
Our newest reception desk is proving to be very popular already! The Float desks offer a unique and stylish design, and is the perfect focal point in any reception space. It comes with a single finish as standard, but contrasting frontages and trims are available to really set your reception apart. This is a modular range, so if you need to amend any sizes or alter the returns then all you have to do is say the word!
A straight 2000mm reception starts at under £1000 +VAT, and a 2400mm horseshoe shaped reception with two returns costs just £1964.25 +VAT.

These are some of our favourite new ranges, but we're constantly updating and innovating our options so if there's anything in particular that you need then all you have to do is let us know and we can see what we can do. If we ever don't have what you need then remember we have a bespoke service, and can create anything you like to bring your imagination to life!

Thursday 8 May 2014

Bench Desks


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Office furniture box ibench
The iBench range, finished in all white 
One of the most common enquiries we get, by quite some margin, is for bench desk configurations. We find that companies like the compact, team oriented nature of bench desks, and want to bring that to their own offices. Bench desks are considered to be a cost effective and practical solution to the age old problem of space optimisation.

office furniture box pure
Pure stand alone desks, finished in white with mobile pedestals
Does that mean that bench desks are the best option for you and your office? They certainly do allow you to bring employees together in a cluster, and the shared leg element also helps stretch your budget too. Cable management is also a very pressing issue in the modern office, and bench desks are very strong on this point too. The nature of the frame means that most ranges offer sliding tops, which are perfect for allowing flexible access to a cable dump below the desk - another great feature of bench desks which has contributed to their popularity in recent years.

Despite these strong plus points, the very nature of bench desks become their biggest issue. The shared legs remove the one thing that most modern and fast paced businesses yearn for: flexibility. Nobody can accurately predict where their business will be in the future, and if your company is going to move, grow or simply re-organise in the coming years then you could come to regret your investment in bench desks. The illusion of bench desks can be created through a configuration of stand alone desks, which also maintain potential for flexibility and individuality when required.

office furniture box pure
Stand alone Pure desks with walnut wave tops and a white frame 
A configuration of stand-alone desks doesn't have to cost any more than a cluster of bench desks either, with some incredibly cost effective ranges available to be configured in a choice of styles. The Pure range for example has the option of adding an integral supporting pedestal, which is a very budget friendly way of bringing storage into your office. Alternatively if you want to maintain even more flexibility, then mobile under desk pedestals are a fantastic option.
Office furniture box office interiors white desk
The O-Range white desks with under desk storage

The Pure range offers a great choice of top shapes and finishes, but if you're looking for a more basic style then the O-Range white desks are the perfect solution for you. They're very simplistic, but can create the exact bench setup that many growing businesses' need - and are an exceptionally cost effective option!

It's certainly worth bearing in mind therefore that, whilst you may require the bench desk effect, actual bench desks aren't always your most suitable option! All you have to do is give us a call, we'd love to talk you through your options and help you work through your choices.

Friday 7 February 2014

New: Replica Plants

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As a part of our plans to continually improve the products that we have on offer, and to create a 'one stop shop' for our customers, we've introduced a range of replica plants for 2014. These ranges of various plants can provide the finishing touches to any office: they look great and create a really welcoming atmosphere for guests and employees alike.

office furniture box replica plants

Office furniture box fake plantOur replica plants are unbelievably simple as well - they're delivered around a week from ordering, and are ready to display straight from the box! The fake plant ranges are incredibly durable, and can be positioned in the shade or high heat areas where real plants wouldn't be able to cope. They feature permanently bonded pebbles in the pot and a weighted base for maximum stability and tidiness. They're also quick and easy to clean - with a brush or cloth on the leaves and a handheld vacuum for the bonded pebbles. No spillages, no mess, and no hassle!

There's also a range of ten different pots to choose from, with a choice of wicker or gloss finishes, to create the perfect ambiance based on your office environment. These come with a two year guarantee, and with the right care can last far longer than that. There's no risk of forgetting to water them, just position them and enjoy!

office furniture box fake plantsOffice furniture box fake plantOffice Furniture Box fake plants

Thursday 16 January 2014

New: White Gloss Reception Counter


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One of the most common enquiries that we get is for a high gloss finish. Our customers love the idea of the bright, vibrant style but it's not always easy to come across. A strong criticism of gloss finishes is their perceived lack of longevity. They're known for scratching and marking easily, although this isn't always the case if they're properly looked after and treated well.

White gloss receptionNew for 2014, we've introduced a white gloss reception counter which we know you're going to love. It's 2200mm wide by 800mm deep as standard, and can have a 1000mm extension return optionally added to it - which makes it perfect for one or two users.

The white gloss reception really is perfect for adding a fresh and clean finish to your entrance - creating a clinical and professional feel. The raised visitor facing section features a glass counter top to finish it off beautifully and is a really popular aspect of the new reception.

White gloss corner receptionWe're really pleased with this new range, and we know you're going to love the design. Further to the style of the reception, we're also really confident that you'll love everything else about it too: the price (starting at under £990 +VAT), the lead time (often around a week from stock), the ease of assembly (although installation options are also available) and the overall quality of the range means it represents fantastic value for money.

As always, we're available on numerous platforms to help you in any way that you need - so don't hesitate to get in touch by phone, email or on our Livechat if you have any questions at all. Our sales team are relaxed, friendly and never pushy, and we'll be delighted to help!

Friday 10 January 2014

Welcoming in 2014!

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We're always looking to develop our products and practices to give you the best service possible, and this ethos certainly isn't going to abate in 2014! In fact, we're using the new year as an opportunity to introduce even more dramatic changes to our policies and product ranges.

We've introduced a few new products over the past few months at a range of price points, as we strive to further our reputation of having a selection of office furniture to suit every budget. We believe we can find something that's practical, functional and stylish that you'll love no matter what your budget, so all you have to do is ask - we love a challenge!

Looking forward to the future, we know we can maintain our excellent record for customer satisfaction. We're proud to offer full support for all of our customers, from the point of enquiry right through to help with space planning, design ideas and order placement. Whether you want one chair on a budget or a full office fit out, we'd love to help and advise you on how to get the most out of your office furniture.

From everyone at Officefurniturebox.com we'd like to wish you all the best for the new year, and look forward to the opportunity to work alongside you in the future. Whatever you need for your office, and however you need it, we'd love to work with you in 2014 as you grow, expand and freshen up your work space!