Monday 25 February 2013

How Do We Operate?

Office Furniture Box

Here at we like to think of ourselves as a fun, passionate and enthusiastic bunch, and our customers seem to agree! We have a young (although some of us are younger than others!) and passionate team and we like to let that come across in everything we do.  

We're only a small team, and we operate out of a compact yet quirky office to make sure our spirits stay high! Guests are always quick to remark about one aspect of our office or another - whether it's the life-size  sheep models by our reception, or the real red phonebox that makes up the entrance to our storeroom, something always catches the eye!
We work with a pretty laid-back attitude, and this helps us to be really flexible with our customers: if you come to us with a quandary and a deadline, we'll always do our best to help you out. Our general approach to customer service is that if we're friendly and helpful for our customers then they'll respond in kind. This attitude always seems to resonate well with everyone we deal with, and we think it helps to make the general process far more enjoyable for everyone! 
We understand that buying new office furniture can be a very difficult and stressful process, so we like to develop relationships with our customers to help everything run more smoothly. We try to keep you up to date with everything that's going on, so if there are any queries then we'll always keep you well informed. 

We offer our customers a combination of professional expert advice, lighthearted, friendly service and quality products to help get the get the best from your space and your budget. 


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