Tuesday 15 October 2013

Folding Canteen Tables

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folded table
Folded for easy transport
In schools and community centres space is at a premium, so any products that help to make the most of a flexible space are worth their weight in gold! This is the theory behind our new folding tables range... they provide a stylish, practical and functional dining table - which can be effectively stored away when not in use.

If you need to create a flexible dining area in your school hall, then these can be wheeled out at a moments notice, easily unfolded and locked for safe and stable use - and then wheeled away again to free up the space. The ease of this movement is essential to make the endeavor worthwhile, so a lot of time has been taken to ensure that the design is user friendly and practical. A free product demonstration is also offered with most orders, to make sure that you're making the most of the expansive capabilities of the design.

It's also important to make sure that you're maximising use of your space with the most effective layout. A popular perception of this flexible style is that they'll end up in a mish mash across the space, with a different layout every time. To avoid this, we'd recommend taking advantage of our free space planning service. From your dimensions we can put together a full plan of your space to make sure you're optimising the available area, and you can keep the plans handy so that they can be replicated time and again!

smart top
Smart Tops create an interactive experience

A range of finishes are also available as well, for both the tops and the seats, so you can create a colourful design to really bring your space to life. Some of our ranges are also available with a Smart Top design, which is perfect for interacting with and rewarding children. With themes such as history and nature, you can create a design to keep everyone entertained during their lunchtime!

Make the most of all of your available space, with flexible and practical tables. Easy to move, store and set up again, our folding cafeteria tables are the perfect solution to the multi-purpose space!

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Our Latest Product Range: Zebra

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Here at Officefurniturebox.com. we're always aiming to keep our product range as up to date and flexible as possible. This allows us to make sure that we can meet all of your furniture needs, no matter what your taste or requirements. Our latest addition to the range is the Zebra style, which offers a modern and light design without the wait!

The Zebra desking and table range features a unique triangular frame, which really sets it apart from the competition. The white base is complemented beautifully by the zebrano walnut style MFC top - which creates a really modern feel. Zebra features enough variation to offer flexibility to your office, whilst still encouraging continuation throughout your space.

One element of Zebra that we particularly like is the executive desk. It features a stylish extension pedestal that really sets the range apart. With a designer frame and a huge work space, it's perfect for making full use of your office space - the extension allows for an impromptu meeting, or for extra space to create mess (although we'd like to think the pedestal would be used to hide that away!).

The reception and accompanying storage are also set to be very popular - providing your office with a style that flows throughout. Not only that, but the use of glass in the storage helps to keep your space light and open, which is seen as a must in any modern work place. Whether it's a visitor's first impression in your reception, or the attitudes being forged in your conference room; style counts, so it pays to make your office furniture gel.

One main advantage of Zebra is the lead time - it's available from stock, and can be delivered tailgate to your office from 24hours to 7 days from order. Couple this with our tailor made design and installation services on offer as well, and you can create something really special in your office with Zebra in no time at all! All you have to do is let us know your requirements and your deadline and we'll do all we can to make it happen for you!