Wednesday 20 March 2013

Social Media and Connecting with Customers

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In the technological age that we find ourselves in, customer interaction has never been more important for a business. With the huge advancements in social media in recent years, the speed at which information travels the globe is truly astounding - and this can go one of two ways for a business. With the development of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest (to name but a few), it's never been easier for a company to interact with their customers. Equally however, it's also never been easier for customers to pass judgement on a company - or in a more public domain. 

Take Twitter as an example: one damning review from a famous or influential Tweeter can drive thousands of potential customers away from a business, or even a whole industry. Whereas by contrast, a glowing evaluation can be used as a free advert to the millions of followers that some Twitter users have amassed. The marketing potential of these platforms are undeniable, yet many businesses continue to underestimate the power of their customers and the impact that they can have on global communities.  

The ease of communication also provides a business with the opportunity to interact with customers on a much grander scale. A Facebook update can reach everyone who 'Likes' your brand, whilst subsequent 'Shares' can then lead to millions of potential customers engaging with and endorsing your marketing without even realising it. It's becoming so easy to reach consumers that many companies take it for granted and don't necessarily take much time over the messages they're sending out, which can lead to clogged up news feeds and negative reviews. 

An essential element of advertising through social media is the ability to listen to customers. It's easy to forget that these platforms allow for two way communications, and taking customer feedback on board is a crucial part of developing a successful campaign. 


At we like to use social media to promote our latest styles, offers and blogs. Like any campaign, each post will see varying degrees of success, but we always try to make sure that we give our customers every opportunity to interact with us and provide feedback. This helps us to constantly improve the customer experience, and we can get a lot of fun out of chatting away with customers!


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