Friday 7 February 2014

New: Replica Plants

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As a part of our plans to continually improve the products that we have on offer, and to create a 'one stop shop' for our customers, we've introduced a range of replica plants for 2014. These ranges of various plants can provide the finishing touches to any office: they look great and create a really welcoming atmosphere for guests and employees alike.

office furniture box replica plants

Office furniture box fake plantOur replica plants are unbelievably simple as well - they're delivered around a week from ordering, and are ready to display straight from the box! The fake plant ranges are incredibly durable, and can be positioned in the shade or high heat areas where real plants wouldn't be able to cope. They feature permanently bonded pebbles in the pot and a weighted base for maximum stability and tidiness. They're also quick and easy to clean - with a brush or cloth on the leaves and a handheld vacuum for the bonded pebbles. No spillages, no mess, and no hassle!

There's also a range of ten different pots to choose from, with a choice of wicker or gloss finishes, to create the perfect ambiance based on your office environment. These come with a two year guarantee, and with the right care can last far longer than that. There's no risk of forgetting to water them, just position them and enjoy!

office furniture box fake plantsOffice furniture box fake plantOffice Furniture Box fake plants