Wednesday 14 August 2013

Open Plan Offices?

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Open plan offices have increased in popularity in recent years, as trends move away from private or closed office spaces towards a lighter and more sociable workplace. This office style was first introduced to allow managers to keep a close eye on all of their workers, but as the nature of office work evolved and the importance of socialising at work became more important, open plan offices developed even further. It became understood that workers would be far happier in their jobs if they could socialise with their colleagues, so this was encouraged to try to boost morale.

office setupPartition walls were removed, the number of screens were reduced and desks were clustered to encourage employees to interact together as a team. This has the advantage of allowing employees to be grouped by skills to optimise their productivity, whilst also allowing them to communicate on a social level to increase job satisfaction and happiness. Although this obviously doesn't come without problems - working in close proximity to the same people for long periods of time can lead to disagreements and arguments, which will be counter-productive. Not only that, but if employees working closely together get on too well, then they might be too easily distracted and not be focused. Open plan office spaces become a balancing act: on the one hand you want to maintain a relaxed and sociable atmosphere, but you also need to keep productivity high.

office fit outThe most popular modern way of achieving this balance is to use screens between clusters of desks. You can divide workers and create some privacy for each desk, whilst still maintaining a relatively open and sociable space. This gives employees their own distinguishable workspace, without completely cutting them off from the rest of their colleagues.

office configurationUltimately, it all comes down the management style of your business and the structure and ethos that you want to create around your office. Open plan office spaces definitely have their merits, but there are also very clear drawbacks that some managers feel the need to address.

If you talk to us about what you want to achieve for your business then we can plan your space for you, and create a package to give you the office that really reflects your style. Whether you want your office to be completely open plan, quiet and private, or somewhere in between the two, we can help you out with our free space planning and design service. All you have to do is send us a floor plan of your space with a short brief of what it is you want to achieve and leave us to do the rest!

Monday 5 August 2013

Home Office Furniture

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If you work from home then you will need to create a practical and productive office space, but how do you go about doing that? It's important that you create a space that encourages you to maximise the productivity of your time spent at your desk, so let us help you out!

Home Office
Traditional and practical
Home offices differ massively from traditional office setups because they're often more personalised to individual tastes and comforts. If you're using a room in your home for work then you're going to want the style to be in keeping with the rest of the decor, so it provides a great opportunity to customise desks, or even make them completely bespoke!

Home office furniture
Create a Home Office in a Style to Suit You
Another significant difference between regular offices and a home office is the intensity of the usage. You can be pretty sure that a normal working office will be in use for at least 8 hours a day 5 days a week, whereas home office use is often more sporadic and short term. Not only that, but the care taken in your own home compared to an office is invariably better (not that we'd ever admit it!), so home office furniture generally doesn't need to be as hard wearing. This means that the commercial grade furniture we sell for large working offices is often unnecessary for a home office, so we have more cost effective purpose made options to suit!

Kingston chair
Comfortable and Professional
You're always going to want to think carefully about the type of chair you use as well: you need to be comfortable, but you also need to be productive. In a home office it's always going to be tempting to get the most comfortable chair possible, and next thing you know you're napping in your office! This is often the most important element of your home office, so you need to make sure it's suitable as well as comfortable...

If you're a bit stuck about deciding when you will need different styles of furniture, or you want some ideas about creating bespoke designs then remember we're always on hand for friendly advice and support. We've got a huge range of options, so all you have to do is let us know what you're after and we can narrow your options down for you!