Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Glass Desks - Some of our Favourites!

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One of the styles that people ask us about the most also happens to be one of our favourites - glass desks. There are some really beautiful glass designs out there, and we have tried really hard to make sure we work with the best designers.

Glass executive desks
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Glass has become increasingly popular recently for numerous reasons, most notably the way it creates a more open and light office space. If you're stuck for room then any area can be made to feel more spacious by changing your desk for a glass one. The development of new manufacturing techniques have also been challenging the traditional stigma that glass designs have to be a bit boring. This means that more interesting designs can be made a lot cheaper than was ever previously possible, so the shapes and curves that are now available in glass are proving to be very popular. 

Executive desks glass top
One recent trend that we find especially interesting is the increasing popularity of coloured glass. More specifically -  black glass designs have been in very high demand. We have put this down to the really nice contrast that this style creates - with the shine that comes from the glass (as long as you keep it clean!) and the darkness of the finish. To create a balance between the contemporary glass finishes and a traditional finish, we're also getting a lot of enquiries about coloured glass tops on an MFC or veneered base. This style does a wonderful job of making the modern glass designs feel more traditional, which has made it a very popular option with our customers. 

glass coffee table
glass boardroom tables
The use of glass doesn't have to be limited to executive desking however, as we're all aware of the impact that a board room table can have on your business (and if you're not, just take a look at our previous blog!). A glass conference table can really bring your space to life and inspire some great ideas: they really leave a lasting impression! 


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