Thursday 19 September 2013

Bespoke, personalised and customised furniture

office furniture box


Everyone's furniture needs are different, and we know that you might need something a bit unique in your office, so we offer special and bespoke options to help you get exactly what you need. Whether you want a slight variation on an existing range, or a completely bespoke design made up specially for you, we can accommodate!

If you've seen a design you like, but need a non-standard size or finish, then we can arrange for a special to be made up for you. Assuming it's from one of our made to order ranges, we can make adjustments to suit your every need. These are ideal if you've got a unique office space that you're fitting out, and a standard size or style won't quite fit. Here are some examples of the sort of specials that we've done in the past:

  • Adding a special fly-over top on desk height storage so it sits flush with an unusual desk configuration
  • Moving or adding cable ports to accommodate unusual electrical equipment
  • Recessing leg panels to allow desks to be configured together without sacrificing mobility or legroom 
  • Adjusting dimensions to incorporate for an unusual space or requirement

These are some examples of what we've done in the past, but if you think you have a different requirement, or something that we might not have seen before, then just let us know and see how we can help you!

bespoke credenza
Bespoke Credenza Storage
bespoke reception
Special Bespoke Reception Counter
Alternatively, if you're looking for something completely unique then we also offer bespoke designs to suit any space or requirement. If you come to us with your ideas then we'll see what we can do to bring them to fruition! We've made some really spectacular bespoke items in the past, so whatever you're looking to do, just let us know and we'll work it out for you! Below are some examples of what we've made for customers in the past, to give you a feel for what's on offer:

Bespoke Boardroom Table
Bespoke Boardroom Table with Special Inlays

Any Finish to Suit Your Style

As you can see we can create some really beautiful designs for an executive suite, a boardroom or reception area - so if you get in touch with your requirements and ideas then we'll put together a design to show you how we can bring your visions to life! You never know what's available until you speak to us, so if you send us your requirements then we'll be more than happy to help! 


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