Tuesday 30 April 2013

Office Storage and a tidy work place

Office Furniture Box


under desk storage
Under desk storage
We all know how difficult it is to maintain a tidy workspace, and how detrimental a messy desk can be for your productivity. A good storage system is a great way of making sure that it's as easy as possible for you to keep on top of your files and keep your desk clutter free. Although we can't make you be organised, we can definitely make it easier for you with our extensive selection of office storage options. 
fitted storage
Fitted storage

Pedestal storage is very popular for maintaining a tidy desk - to the extent that it's becoming rare for us to sell a desk without an accompanying pedestal! They are available in a variety of heights and styles, from low mobile storage to desk height units that act as a worktop extension as well as a set of drawers. Under desk pedestals often also feature castors to make them mobile for flexible use with hot desks. This type of storage is popular because it has the option of combining shallow drawers with deeper filing drawers, which can include foolscap filing systems: allowing you to have an entire filing system under your desk! 
fitted storage
Flexible storage 

That's not to say that we expect you to store all of your paperwork under your desk... you're going to need more comprehensive storage systems to help you keep on top of everything. Large cupboards and fitted storage are ideal options for tailoring your storage needs to suit the nature of your business. They allow you to flexibly choose the internal fittings that you require, whether they be regular shelves, pull out shelves, foolscap filing rails, pigeon hole units or anything else that you may need. These internal units can be built into custom made fitted storage (to save you plenty of space), or our standard size cupboards that are flexible to suit most office shapes and sizes.

office storage
A selection of storage options

Office Furniture Box has a huge range of storage options, which you can see by clicking on the above image. There is a fantastic selection of shapes, sizes, finishes, styles, designs etc on offer to meet the needs of any office environment. If you think you have a requirement that isn't met by our extensive range then just give us a call - chances are we can make something that will solve your problem! 


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