Monday 22 April 2013

Discounts and Savings!

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You'll no doubt have noticed that offers some pretty generous discounts off the retail prices on our huge range of office furniture products. We have up to 30% off top quality furniture, with even more reductions available through our package deals and special offers, but how do we keep our prices so competitive whilst our customer service remains so good (if we may say so ourselves!)?
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Well, our customers provide all of their measurements themselves which helps us to keep our costs down. Whilst we're more than happy to help you plan your space and make up drawings for you, we do this based on your measurements rather than coming out to do them for you. Because this cuts out an expensive part of the sales process, we can make extra savings that are passed directly onto you. 

By providing you with all of the information that you should need up front, you're able to place an order on our site any time and any place. This saves everyone time at every stage of the process: you can place your order quickly and outside our office hours if you so wish, and we can concentrate on looking after our customers rather than having to juggle the paperwork. The more efficiently we use our time, the more savings we pass onto you - so every minute is precious!   

Of course this doesn't affect the level of assistance we can give you with making your decisions. We have a dedicated team of experts in our Northampton sales office that are available to offer advice, and factory showrooms across the country that you can visit to see a selection of our products. We work really hard to provide you with excellent customer service, and are very proud to be able to do this as well as offering such competitive prices. 

But of course we'd say that... So don't take our word for it - give us a call and see for yourself!


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