Thursday, 8 May 2014

Bench Desks

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Office furniture box ibench
The iBench range, finished in all white 
One of the most common enquiries we get, by quite some margin, is for bench desk configurations. We find that companies like the compact, team oriented nature of bench desks, and want to bring that to their own offices. Bench desks are considered to be a cost effective and practical solution to the age old problem of space optimisation.

office furniture box pure
Pure stand alone desks, finished in white with mobile pedestals
Does that mean that bench desks are the best option for you and your office? They certainly do allow you to bring employees together in a cluster, and the shared leg element also helps stretch your budget too. Cable management is also a very pressing issue in the modern office, and bench desks are very strong on this point too. The nature of the frame means that most ranges offer sliding tops, which are perfect for allowing flexible access to a cable dump below the desk - another great feature of bench desks which has contributed to their popularity in recent years.

Despite these strong plus points, the very nature of bench desks become their biggest issue. The shared legs remove the one thing that most modern and fast paced businesses yearn for: flexibility. Nobody can accurately predict where their business will be in the future, and if your company is going to move, grow or simply re-organise in the coming years then you could come to regret your investment in bench desks. The illusion of bench desks can be created through a configuration of stand alone desks, which also maintain potential for flexibility and individuality when required.

office furniture box pure
Stand alone Pure desks with walnut wave tops and a white frame 
A configuration of stand-alone desks doesn't have to cost any more than a cluster of bench desks either, with some incredibly cost effective ranges available to be configured in a choice of styles. The Pure range for example has the option of adding an integral supporting pedestal, which is a very budget friendly way of bringing storage into your office. Alternatively if you want to maintain even more flexibility, then mobile under desk pedestals are a fantastic option.
Office furniture box office interiors white desk
The O-Range white desks with under desk storage

The Pure range offers a great choice of top shapes and finishes, but if you're looking for a more basic style then the O-Range white desks are the perfect solution for you. They're very simplistic, but can create the exact bench setup that many growing businesses' need - and are an exceptionally cost effective option!

It's certainly worth bearing in mind therefore that, whilst you may require the bench desk effect, actual bench desks aren't always your most suitable option! All you have to do is give us a call, we'd love to talk you through your options and help you work through your choices.


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