Thursday 11 July 2013

What Products are Available

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At we work closely with a number of UK factories, as well as a couple of specially selected European factories, to make sure we're offering you the best products at competitive prices. We try to maintain a good balance between working with the right factories, but also making sure that we have enough of the right products available to suit your needs. Now this isn't always easy, but by keeping this balance in check we've been able to develop a flexible yet reliable portfolio of products. 
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By working with a number of factories, we're able to offer our clients a larger variety of options than we otherwise could. We don't just have to sell you what's convenient or available: we can really explore your needs to find the ideal solution for you. This is really important to us, because we like to make sure that you're absolutely delighted with both the service and products that you receive. 

This flexibility also extends into pricing and delivery times. Whilst we only sell products that we have confidence in, we do have ranges that vary across different qualities and price points. Whatever your budget, we can find a style to suit you, and often in the time that you need as well. The majority of our furniture is made to order, but if you come to us in need of something quickly then we can often help. Of course your options will be more limited, but we do have ranges that can be delivered from stock in just a few days. 
office furniture

We're often told that someone would like something a bit different to the standard designs that we have, and we can nearly always accommodate! If you have an idea for a variation on a current range, or need a size that you can't see, then just get in touch and we'll see what we can do for you.  

If you have the time, and want to take a look at some of the products that we have on offer, then feel free to book in at one of our factory showrooms. We'll take you round the showrooms and help you to formulate and visualise ideas about how best to furnish your office.

The key thing to remember when looking at office furniture is that we're always available to talk. For advice, queries or comments, we always like to hear from you - so make sure you get in touch by email, phone or on our live messenger for non-pushy, friendly help and advice! 


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